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Meet Dr. Sarama

Chiropractor + Natural Healing Wizard

Scott Sarama Sardonicus, DC is a gifted healer who believes that chiropractic is an essential element for the full expression of human potential. Known by Dr. Scott, Dr. Sarama, or Dr. Sardonicus, he is a board-certified Chiropractic Doctor, author, and Life and Business Coach. As a father of six children, Dr. Sardonicus brings a wealth of knowledge to his clinical practice, consulting, and teaching. With over 30 years experience he has helped thousands of people overcome their health challenges and navigate through their lives. 

Having received his doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dr. Sardonicus' healing practice is enriched by his educational background in physics, engineering, and psychology. Dr. Sardonicus uses a multitude of techniques acquired from his years of professional experience to facilitate healing through emotional, spiritual, and intellectual growth. Dr. Sardonicus is a past President and currently serves on the Executive Board of the New Hampshire State Chiropractic Society, a professional organization dedicated to the authentic philosophy and practice of chiropractic as a healing art.

Dr. Sardonicus brings clinical expertise for direct patient care, collaboration with other practitioners, consulting for navigating many of life stresses, & teaching a variety of classes. He welcomes any opportunity to help others in their quest for health & Self-Mastery.

Meet the Doctor
Why Work With Dr S

Why Work with Dr S?

He can help with


Many illnesses have their roots in gut health. This care helps your brain + body work together again.


Chronic exhaustion dampens your ability to truly participate in the world. Find your purpose + zest for life again here.

Chronic Pain

Get to the true root cause of unrelenting pain and move forward with hope and new goals.

Mysterious Health Challenges

Have you been to 18 different doctors and nobody can figure you out? An extensive history and exam can reveal previously undiscovered problems. Get your customized care plan to heal from the inside-out and feel like you again.

Find Your 100%

Feel at your very best so you can serve your community and feel happy doing it.


Spinal stress is one of the most underappreciated causes of internal stress. Work with Dr S to rebuild your resilience to life's unavoidable stressors.


“Dr. S is not only a gifted chiropractor, he is also a deeply caring and loving individual who is completely committed to the health and well-being of his patients. He addresses all aspects of health: physical, emotional & spiritual. I have been under his care for years, and I have felt nurtured and empowered by his gifts of healing.

He has saved my life many times. Over the last 20 years, Dr. S has been a primary healer for my husband and myself over and over. There is something very special happening here, and it goes far beyond words and adjustments.

This is what true healthcare and healing is all about. I am deeply grateful.”

— Lynne Butler


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